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New Dance Music International was founded in 2011 and is the label of the Olivato Dancesport Orchestra with the artistic direction of Alessandro Olivato (WDSF International Judge, Master of Latin And Standard Dances, Judge of the Italian Sports Dance Federation, Arranger, Composer author SIAE).

Alessandro Olivato was the first arranger to have changed the rhythmic structure of Latin dances making it more commercial and engaging and leaving the Classic parameters to which it was used to, introducing numerous artists to the world which made the music more dynamic, sober and danceable on dance floors all over the world.

NDMI productions

NDMI Productions are characterized by music of Latin and standard dances, for Competitions and training, Show for professionals around the world, TV shows (National and International) Coreographic Mix, Songs for duo, Solo with rhythm parts of a special kind with many original compositions. Up to now about 40 standard and Latin albums under the NDMI label, most of which in collaboration with Casa musica.

The New "OLIVATO DANCESPORT ORCHESTRA LIVE"With over 25 Musicians who will take care of making couples from all over the world dance in live competitions.

The music proposed on our site, is in mp3 320K, mastering with high-tech software. We invite you to consult our large Music archive.



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